Oh Thank Heaven For The Slurpee App

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You know when you’re driving down the road looking for a refreshing, frosty drink, but only a Slurpee will suffice? Now, there’s an app for that. 7-11 launched an iPhone and Android app that will make it easier to find the beloved beverage that’s been quenching our thirst for something sweet since 1967. You can find your closest Slurpee retailer and what flavors they have there, ¬†helping those picky individuals who won’t settle for anything besides a Coke-flavored treat. You can also keep track of your Slurpee Nation rewards points and trade it in for gear like Medal of Honor shirts and Need For Speed Car Rentals.

“The Slurpee App for iPhone and Android is basically a ‘thank you’ to all of our loyal Slurpee fans, who are mobile and active,” Slurpee senior brand director Laura Gordon said in press release. “We want to provide fans a convenient way to find their favorite Slurpee drinks, no matter where they are, and easy access to cashing in their Slurpee Nation rewards points.”

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