ICorrect Lets Celebrities Finally Get Their Side of The Story Out

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Despite the money, recognition and freedom from everyday drudgery that comes from being a celebrity, it’s not all parties and paparazzi for the famous. Occasionally, misinformation and outright lies spring up and often stick around, without their ability to respond–until now.

Introducing ICorrect, a site that lets famous people set the record straight about matters big and small.

The site is the work of Sir David Tang, a British businessman and friend to the stars, who told the New York Times that he’s just trying to keep the Internet safe for celebrities:

The superhighway is jampacked with stops where at every place you’ll have mud thrown at you. Can you afford to have it all stick and not try to clean it up?

Ignoring the obvious, “They’re rich, they can probably afford it more easily than non-celebrities faced with equal amounts of disinformation” response, the site seems to be taking off. Already, its esteemed members include Stephen Fry, Bianca Jagger (who sadly reports that she didn’t ride around on a horse half-naked in Studio 54), and Cherie Blair, wife of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, who explains the appeal of the site to her: “Anything which allows people publicly to correct factual inaccuracies in stories about them is a good idea.”

Hey, where else could you find such life-changing clarifications as Naomi Campbell wanting Britain to host the 2018 World Cup, or Anouska Hempel not “favoring style over content.” Finally, a place to set the records straight.

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