The Three Songs You Need to Download This Week

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There’s a lot of great music online–more than most people have time to keep up with. That’s why you’ve got us. Every week, we’ll point you toward three notably excellent new downloads or videos from chart-topping stars, cult favorites and unknown geniuses.

1. You may have encountered the Israeli musician Kutiman’s brilliant Thru-You project a couple of years back–synchronized collages of YouTube videos that he turned into new compostitions. (TIME named it one of the best inventions of 2009.) Now, Kutiman’s back with a new YouTube collage, “My Favorite Color.” It’s very different from “Thru-You” (the vibe is orchestral jazz, rather than funk), but just as gorgeous and ingenious.

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2. The electronic dance group YACHT sometimes seem like a conceptual art project that happens to make music as part of what they do. (Not a lot of bands include a link called “catalogue raisonné” on their official sites.) But then they drop a synth-pop nugget like “Dystopia (The Earth Is On Fire),” from their forthcoming album Shangri-La, and it’s much easier to remember that they’re in the business of getting hips to shake, too. The song can be streamed or downloaded for free from the link above, and their site’s “music” page offers MP3s of their excellent earlier singles “Psychic City” and “Summer Song.”

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3. Back in 1957, saxophonist Bill Justis had one of the first big instrumental rock ‘n’ roll hits with “Raunchy,” which became something of a standard for the next decade or so. Now electronic producer Jason Forrest is getting ready to release his album The Everything on April 15, and its first single is a brawling, kicking, twanging cover/mashup/deconstruction of “Raunchy.” There’s a peculiar video for Forrest’s version (let’s just say wigs are involved) at YouTube, and a downloadable MP3 version (and a streaming remix) at Forrest’s SoundCloud.

BONUS: Given the speed of Internet backlash, it’s entirely possible that the Rebecca Black “Friday” meme is now approaching the point of extinction. Even so, if that song’s been stuck in your head for the past few weeks, you owe it to yourself to hear what happens when the video’s viewed by a bad lip-reader, and the resulting lyrics give birth to a new song. It’s called “Gang Fight,” and it might even be catchier–it’s definitely more amusing.