The Official White House App Comes to Android

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The Obama presidency is proving to be the hippest, baddest and most connected administration in recent memory.

Facebook town halls, YouTube announcements all color Obama’s strategy in keeping citizens informed – and it’s now complete with an Android app to complement the iPhone version.

The official White House app for Android does exactly what the iOS version does for iPhones: users get alerts directly from the White House, see behind-the-scenes multimedia (look, Obama doing a slam dunk!), and read the latest news from the blog or briefing room.

iPhone users also get a nice update as well. Mobile users will be able to get an alert whenever President Obama is about to speak. They will also be able to watch the ensuing speech live. Just gotta watch that next State of the Union?

The White House iPhone app has had over 400,000 downloads (okay, so it’s no Angry Birds), but tech-savvy, politically minded citizens can do their part by staying informed.

(via White House)

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