Sonic the Hedgehog Turns 20: A Look Back at His Achievements

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Your Friends! And Enemies!

Sonic3-box-us-225They say the mark of any good hedgehog isn’t his accomplishments, but the list of friends he leaves behind. I don’t know who “they” is but the next time someone says that, the “they” will be me.

Your early life started out like anybody else’s. No friends, one enemy. Yours was Dr. Robotnik. You two have battled over emeralds more often than two stay-at-home moms from New Jersey. Can we refer to you as “frenemies” yet? No? Okay, it’s your birthday.

You befriended a fox named Tails. “A fox and a hedgehog?!” we all gasped. “Don’t foxes eat hedgehogs?” Luckily Tails was much smaller than you, and foxes can’t do that weird/gross/cool thing that snakes can. Plus both of you were too busy going after rings, emeralds and doctors—also like stay-at-home moms from New Jersey.

Then we met your first true frenemy, Knuckles. Your relationship status on Facebook would have been “It’s complicated” during this period of your life, but the two of you figured out that it was Dr. Robotnik stirring the pot all along! Then you, Tails, and Knuckles found yourselves in a good place from a friendship standpoint.

You’ve had several additional animal friends and enemies, and you went through a weird robot period which, as any one can tell you, is all part of growing up.

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