Sonic the Hedgehog Turns 20: A Look Back at His Achievements

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Your TV Show! And Comic Books!

AoStHtitleLike any great video game, your stardom spilled over into our TV sets.

Looking back, you’ll recall working on your cartoon, Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog as some of the longest days you’ve ever put in but that ultimately, it was all worth it. Especially when those long days on the set spilled over into “golden time” and you were pulling in some nice union-negotiated overtime, am I right?

250px-Sonic_castYou also partnered up with Archie Comics for your own comic book. Did you need a fancy title for the series? No sir: Sonic the Hedgehog worked just fine, thank you.

And what about Sonic X? That was a nice surprise, huh? What was supposed to be a four-part series to augment a TV show of the same name turned into an ongoing series meant to augment the initial augmentation indefinitely.

But then something sinister happened. Sonic X got canceled. We all suspected either Dr. Robotnik, poor corporate decision-making, or both.

Aside from our suspicions, when the comic book got canceled we also all (thought about but never) rioted in the streets. Thankfully, it got replaced by the Sonic Universe series of comic books eventually.

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