Sonic the Hedgehog Turns 20: A Look Back at His Achievements

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Your Indelible Mark Upon Society!

You have collected seven Guiness World Records ranging from being the best-selling game on Sega consoles, to being the longest-running comic book based on a video game, to smashing the record for the best-selling game compilation with the Sonic Mega Collection.

220px-Baxter_flowerYou’ve also forced kids and their parents to talk openly and frankly about hedgehogs. While you may merely see yourself as a simple video game hedgehog, you likely have no idea how many kids have asked their parents for a pet hedgehog because of you. Those parents then explain to their children that hedgehogs eat cat food and ferret food and bugs. It’s also illegal to own hedgehogs in some states.

And for kids spoiled lucky enough, the mom is like, “Where the crap did all my gold rings and emeralds go?!” only to find the dumb kids in the living room wondering why their spikey rat won’t roll into a ball and knock some robots around.

Still, though, at least these discussions are taking place. All thanks to you.

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