Geeky Halloween Costume: Two iPads Equal One Hole in the Gut

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People spend crazy money on last-minute Halloween costumes and, if you sound like someone who has crazy money and needs a last-minute Halloween costume, why not rock a hole in the gut using two iPads?

Unlike other insanely expensive last-minute Halloween costumes, you’ll actually get a whole lot of use out of this one long after the big night’s over—assuming you’ll use at least one of the iPads.

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Mark Rober—who’s actually a rocket scientist (but don’t let that deter you)—used an old sweatshirt, cut a big hole in the front and a big hole in the back, mounted an iPad 2 in the front and an iPad 2 in the back, fired up Facetime, and let the back-mounted iPad send video to the front-mounted iPad.

The result? A big gaping hole.

Surround the sweatshirt cutouts with fake blood, make sure you’ve got a strong internet connection wherever you’re going (that’s the toughest part) and—boom—prepare to win the big costume contest. Rober says, “If you’re at a place that has sucky Wi-Fi, you can use one of these,” before showing off what appears to be a Verizon 4G mobile hotspot.

Check out the above video for a look at the costume in action.

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[via Gizmodo]