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I'm an Assistant Managing Editor at, overseeing digital editorial coverage. When not staring at a computer screen, I'm obsessed with both the worlds of film and television (I was a film critic in a previous life), and the ways in which technology is redefining the realm of visual arts. If you're obsessed with Kubrick, Malick, Aronofsky, Tarsem, Walter White, Cormac McCarthy, Bon Iver, Steve Reich, Jon Stewart and New Zealand, I'm your man. Reach me at

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Buck Rogers Returns – in the 21st Century

When it comes to adapting or reimagining a comic, all a television producer has to do for guidance is look at Hollywood’s box office returns. When you invest the money and embrace the storyline, creating something like Iron Man, Spider-Man 2, The Dark Knight or the second reboot of The Incredible Hulk, the fans turn out.

I’m already …

Jane Austen and Zombies and TV (and Twitter)

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a television production company in possession of a good zombie tale must be in need of a twitter account.

The prim and proper meet the undead in Seth Grahame-Smith’s surprising literary mash-up Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. And while you were apparently elbowing your way towards that …

Video: Touring Tim Burton’s Freaky MoMA Exhibit

After you climb your way through the gaping jaw sporting jagged teeth, and make your way down the black and white paneled entryway – with disfigured cartoons playing all around you – visitors to New York’s Museum of Modern Art arrive at a room lit entirely by black lights. A neon carousel spins incessantly, flanked on all sides by …

FoxPop: DVD Bonus Features, Via Laptop and iPhone

The recession has been kind to movie theaters but rough on DVD retailers. As sales have slowed – with the exception of Blu-rays, which continue to be embraced and adopted at a rapid pace – studios have looked to increasingly creative ways of enhancing the home entertainment experience. That typically means more special features, more …

Syfy’s Alice: Wonderland 2.0

Anyone who’s been to a multiplex lately has seen the warped and wacky posters touting Tim Burton’s upcoming ‘Alice in Wonderland’ reboot. The message has been loud and clear: Prepare for a dark and twisted trip down the haunted rabbit hole next spring.

But in a case of rather remarkable coincidental timing, there’s another …

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