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Could Microsoft Turn Our Bodies into Antennas?

You know all that slightly eerie but kinda cool stuff you learned in grade school about the body’s latent electromagnetic energy field? Turns out your house generates something similar (no surprise) courtesy everything with an electrical pulse contained both within, from gizmos and gadgetry to the wiring in the walls.

Forget …

Jaguar Partners with RIM, Does Itself a Disservice

Remember the Jaguar C-X75 we wrote about a few days ago, the ultra-sleek supercar of the not-so-distant future? While we geeked out over the dual low-emission engines and feathery carbon-fiber body, we couldn’t help but imagine a futuristic dashboard of corollary cool.

So imagine the collective sad trombone we heard in our heads when we

Seven Tips and Recommendations for Buying New Headphones

It’s nearly summer, which means it’s time for an upgrade if you’re still using the flimsy white earbuds that came with your new iPhone. The only problem? Buying a quality set of headphones can be a tricky thing unless you really do your homework. Head over to any electronics aisle and you’ll more than likely be bombarded by a

Jaguar’s $1.5 Million Hybrid Supercar is Superfast

Want to do 0 to 60 in under three seconds and up to 200 miles per hour on flats? You’ve got two options: Splash yourself with a shelf’s worth of random chemicals while holding a lightning rod in a thunderstorm, or pick up a C-X75 hybrid electric supercar courtesy India-based Tata Motors’ boutique car wing, Jaguar.

And you can have …

Sprint Delays BlackBerry’s PlayBook Again

He said, she said. In an internal document from Sprint, it would seem BlackBerry’s PlayBook is getting delayed again… indefinitely.

The CDMA variant of BlackBerry’s PlayBook was supposed to launch over the summer. Previous release dates had the PlayBook to debut on April 19th, and the latest one says that it will come in a few …

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