TaintDroid Tattles on Misbehaving Android Apps

Looks like TaintDroid just stole the Worst Recent Product Name award away from the Dell Streak. Once you get past the name, though, TaintDroid (that’s hard to type, even) may turn out to be a valuable app for Android owners.

It’s not quite available publicly yet, but the application will run in the background of an Android phone and

Mobile 4G Service Goes Live in Minneapolis-St. Paul, Pittsburgh

High-speed 4G mobile internet from both Sprint and Clear has been flipped on in Minneapolis-St. Paul and Pittsburgh. Sprint is a majority shareholder in Clear, but the two companies offer different service options.

In the Minneapolis area, for instance, Clear offers a $45-per-month home internet plan that includes 6 Mbps download speeds

Roku XDS Review: Choice Is Never a Bad Thing

As we mentioned in our Apple TV review, there’s no better time to be in the market for a set-top box. While we wait for Boxee to release the Box in November, we’ll take a look at Roku’s recently announced XDS.

It’s the cream of the crop and has the specs to back it up. It ships with an HDMI cable but also works with any TV, …

Apple TV (2010) Review: Welcome To The Family

There are two schools of thought on the new Apple TV, and rightfully so. On the one hand, you have the snarky, gadget blog trolling fanboys who will nitpick every little thing that it can’t or no longer does. And then there’s your Average Joe or your mom, who just wants to watch their Netflix queue. For all intents and purposes …

Bose Does the Unthinkable, Makes a TV

*forehead slap*

As far as we’re concerned, all you need to know about the Bose VideoWave entertainment system is that it a 46-inch TV costs $5400 and weights over 100 pounds. If you really want to know more then hit the jump for the press release.

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