I’m Calling It: Voicemail Is Dead

I got a new iPhone about ten months ago. (My last one got stolen.) I dicked around with the settings. I set up e-mail, threw some apps on there, as one does. I figured I’d set up voicemail when I had a sec.

I’m still waiting for that sec.

If I call myself I still get the “Welcome to your new mailbox!” I really meant to set it up, …

Finance: Apple Ousts Microsoft

Apple has just become the most valuable technology company in the universe, surpassing Microsoft. Trading isn’t quite over yet but as of around 3:30 Eastern today, Apple’s market cap sat at $224.95 billion compared to Microsoft’s $220.06 billion.

According to the New York Times, Exxon is the only American company more valuable …

Sony Develops Flexible Display

Sony is showing off an 80-micrometer thin flexible OLED display. It measures 4.1 inches, does full color, and has a resolution of 423×240 pixels. Sony demonstrated the display by playing video files on it while wrapping it around a 4-millimeter cylinder several times. Who knows, maybe your next phone will be little more than a …

They Should Make It: Cheap Smartphones, Free Service

Hear me out, hear me out. I’m not just calling for cheap smartphones and free service because I’m cheap (I am cheap). Rather, I think a company like, oh, let’s use Google as an example, could provide a viable alternative to expensive phones and even more expensive cell phone plans.

Google makes money by selling targeted …

iPhone 3GS Price Drops to $97

Walmart has dropped the price of a new 16GB iPhone 3GS to just $97 with a two-year contract. The deal’s only available in stores and seems to dispel just about any doubt that a new model will be announced on June 7th.

The price remains $199 at both and AT&T’s website, so it looks like your local Walmart is the go-to …

How To: Manually Update Your Nexus One With Froyo

Attention Nexus One Owners-

Froyo has been released into the wild but the rollout, as usual, is slow, so here’s a quick way to get it up and running on your Nexus One now. If you have a rooted Nexus One then you’re going to have to wait for folks like Cyanogen to cook up a new ROM based on 2.2.

(More on Techland: Hands-on With

Hands-on With Android 2.2 (Froyo) and Flash 10.1

Google’s I/O Conference kicks off Day 2 with the official unveiling of Android 2.2 aka Froyo. We’ve had a review build of 2.2 with full Flash 10.1 support on a Nexus One for under a week. Here’s what we found.

The bump from Android 2.1 to 2.2 isn’t as significant as the bump from 1.6 to 2.0. There’s been a slight UI …

Android Gingerbread Slated For Q4 2010

Google’s official announcement of Android 2.2 (Froyo) is likely slated to be the big thing today at I/O (that or Smart TV). But even before Froyo is officially unveiled, we now know when Gingerbread (build # unknown) will likely launch and what platform(s) will support it. Launch dates can always be shifted around and platform …

Tweetie 2 Is Now Twitter For iPhone, Out Now

It’s now official, folks. Tweetie 2 has morphed into Twitter for iPhone and it’s free. I’ve been a Tweetie 2 user for some time so the change isn’t very drastic and I don’t see too many changes to begin with aside from Search. It’s a significant change, but I never really used it all that often on T2. Nevertheless it’s out …

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