Def Jam Rapstar To Be Published by Konami, Reveals Initial Tracks

Today, Konami announced that they’ll be publishing in-development music game Def Jam Rapstar for Holiday 2010.

The opportunity here for Konami is get back a little bit of their swagger back in a genre that they actually helped create. Karaoke Revolution and the Beatmania series were early examples that helped create an audience for …

Smaller iPad Coming Next Year?

The iPad isn’t even a full week out of the gate and already a DigiTimes analyst is hearing from “upstream component sources” that Apple may be planning a 5- to 7-inch iPad for the first quarter of next year.

Apparently it “will be priced below US$400 and will target the highly-portable mobile device market and consumers that …

The Daily Dose

Wednedsay, April 7, 2010

Here’s what’s going on in nerd news around the Web:

Love Twilight? Why not major in Vampire Lit? Yes. It’s real a real degree.

Last night’s LOST recap:

(Via The Daily What)

First look: BATMAN: ODYSSEY ships in July. Catch a glimpse of the cover here.

Verizon and the iPhone, a game of cat and elusive

Get in on Lost Planet 2’s “Kill Big for Charity” Program

Published by Capcom, Lost Planet 2 puts players on a hostile planet where the environment’s an enemy and every minute’s a struggle to survive. To help survivors of natural disasters in the real world, the company’s announced an innovative charity partnership where downloading the demo will increase contributions to the Music for …

Skate 3 Preview, Demo Launching Next Week

Come April 15th, gamers everywhere will be able to get their hands on a sample of the next release in EA’s Skate franchise via a demo that’s hitting Xbox Live and Playstation Network.

In Skate 3, you’ll be playing as a skateboard legend who’s launching your own company and the game’s goal is to sell a million skateboards. …

How the West Was Won: Red Dead Redemption Hands-On

Video game westerns tend to be weird beasts. Games like Call of Juarez or Gun tend to focus on the gunfighting aspects of the cowboy genre, which is a natural fit. But this fixation on shooting winds up making them feel generic, like every other weapon-based combat game dressed up in a ten-galloon hat.

Red Dead Redemption won’t feel …

Paypal Gets Major Bump from iPhone App

Launched just three weeks back, version 2.0 of Paypal’s iPhone app has already been downloaded more than a million times, cementing the massive micropayment platform as the leading player in the mobile payment space.

The press around the app didn’t hurt one bit. The latest version of Paypal’s app made deeper use of the iPhone’s …

Unvarnished: A New Web Site For Bashing Your Boss?

A new website is betting you’re willing to dish about your co-worker’s job performance just as you would a Netflix movie or an Amazon purchase. The site, dubbed Unvarnished, came out of private beta testing last week and aims to create an open forum to rate professionals in the workplace — for better or for worse.

(More on Techland:

Sam & Max Bring Episodic Content to iPad

Telltale Entertainment’s looking to live up to its name by bringing back one of gaming’s wackiest tag teams for an all-new series of adventures on the iPad. Sam & Max, best known to gamers for a series of classic LucasArts computer games, will be hitting Apple’s newest portable in “The Penal Zone,” the first episode of the …

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