In Other News, World Almost Ends

I know I’m coming late to this story, but is it intriguing to anyone else that someone or -ones tried to kill the Internet last week? Last Tuesday, at 5:30 in the morning, a massive denial of service attack was directed at the root servers that route traffic on the Internet. The Internet did not, of course, perish, but three of the …

Manhunt 2: Electric Snuffaloo

I remember being assigned a review of Manhunt with the warning that it would be the next great hyper-controversial lawsuit-engendering game, a la Grand Theft Auto. And it is pretty brutal, what with, you know, the slitting of throats with stray shards of glass and such. But as with Bully, it never actually generated much legal paperwork …

Games People (Will Eventually) Play

GameSpot and GameSpy are both posting their Most Wanted Games of 2007 lists. Why don’t they just go ahead and merge already? Ooh, I am totally registering!

GameSpy is stingily doling its list out day by day over the course of this week, but GameSpot’s full list is up. To wit:

BioShock (2K Games/Irrational Games – Xbox …

Tears for Gears

Today I woke up and thought to myself, holy dammit, I’m going to stand the blogging world on its head with a post that reinvents, nay, transcends the very blogging medium itself. Or I could just complain about Gears of War. I flipped a coin, and waddayaknow?

But seriously, I don’t quite have the sloppy make-outs for this game the way a …

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