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Two Minute Video: Should You Buy the iPad 2?

In case you missed it, Apple announced the iPad 2 yesterday. It’ll be available on March 11 with pricing starting at $499, just like the previous version. Noteworthy additions include front- and rear-facing cameras, a 33% thinner profile, a slightly lighter weight and a dual-core processor.

If you’ve been waiting to buy an iPad, …

How to Back Up Gmail

Did you hear the news? Gmail crashed in a fiery inferno of power cords and Ethernet cables over the weekend (we can assume, based on reports).

The damage was monstrous—with a whopping 0.02% of all Gmail users affected. Maybe monstrous isn’t the right term, but why would the media make it into such a big story if it wasn’t monstrous? …

Shiny but Unspectacular: “Killzone 3” Review

Killzone 3
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Developer: Guerilla Games
Systems it’s available on: PS3
ESRB rating: Mature
System reviewed on: PS3

Pity poor Killzone. The FPS franchise that’s lived on two iterations of Sony’s PlayStation game machines always gets compared to other exemplary franchises. The first Killzone was …

Top 20 Must-Have Android Apps

If you’ve just purchased your first Android phone or you’re looking to round out your existing collection, here’s a list of 20 must-have apps that every Android owner should consider. They’re all free, too!

Sony Exec: “No Intention” of Ending Partnership With iTunes

Despite having their e-reader app banned from the App Store, Sony Network Entertainment COO Shawn Layden said the company has no plans of stopping their relationship with Apple’s music service, even though they are launching their own music subscription service, Music Unlimited, in the U.S., Australia and New Zealand today.

“Sony …

Two Minute Video: Does AT&T’s First 4G Phone Truly Inspire?

The HTC Inspire 4G is a good Android phone with a great price tag that leverages AT&T’s newly-enhanced network speeds. I didn’t find the so-called “4G” speeds to be mind-blowing here in Boston where I live—most of the time they were only marginally faster than 3G, if at all—but the technology is still being rolled out on AT&T’s end, …

Two Minute Video: The HP TouchPad Tablet is Coming

The HP TouchPad was announced this week. It’s a slick-looking tablet that’s nearly identical in size to the iPad but sports a faster dual-core processor, front-facing camera and runs the WebOS interface that was developed by Palm before it was acquired by HP last year.

The lack of a price tag or firm availability date are both a bit …

Top 10 Consumer Tech Rivalries

Can’t we all just get along?

While Verizon’s “Droid does” commercials that poked fun at the iPhone have officially been nullified in a sea of lovey-dovey iSmooches this morning, the Verizon-AT&T tussle is still going strong. It’s just one recent instance among many tech rivalries that have played out in front of consumers over the …

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Geeks, the Video Edition

You’ve seen the list, now don’t miss the video.

Some say the tech sector has no business trying to cultivate a lovey-dovey crowd; that heart-shaped USB drives and the like are little more than silly pandering to a savvy demographic of gadget lovers that see right through all the marketing hype. To them I say, maybe you’re right. But …

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