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Why The Star Wars Holiday Special Still Matters

There’s something oddly compelling for me to see something in its formative stages, before even those involved know exactly what it is that they’re dealing with; going back, later, to watch early Buffys where the tone isn’t quite there, or re-reading X-Mens where Wolverine is much more of an asshole and Storm seems to be eyeing up …

The Case of the Stolen Laptop: How to Encrypt, and Why

There’s an investigator I know, top of her profession, who once put her laptop in the trunk of a cab. By the time she reached her hotel, the laptop was gone. This happens thousands of times a year at airports, train stations, libraries and coffee shops. Sometimes the thief wants your hardware. Sometimes your data turns out to be more …

13 Thoughts On Warehouse 13 2.4: Age Before Beauty

Lessons I learned from last night’s episode of Warehouse 13: My TiVo hates me. No, wait, I mean “Myka isn’t supremely confident, Claudia is socially awkward, and both need emotional support from their male counterparts.” No, that’s not right either. Oh, well: Here’re thirteen thoughts about “Age Before Beauty.”

1. Some Girls Play With

Doctor Who 5.13: All This, And The Big Bang 2

Well, that was definitely not a disappointment.

It’s a testament to just how good Steven Moffat is that a season finale that actually didn’t answer the big questions about what actually happened, who was behind the destruction of the TARDIS and whose voice that was at the end of last week’s episode, was nonetheless completely …

Comic-Con: The (Disappointing) True Lives Of Booth Babes

Call it nerd male guilt if you must, but every time I’ve gone to comic conventions and seen the various “booth babes”, I’ve had a reaction that pretty much goes like this: “Oh God, those poor women, having to wear such skimpy outfits and be ogled by all manner of socially awkward men. They must hate this whole thing.” A reaction that was …

13 Thoughts On Warehouse 13 2.3: Beyond Our Control

Was it just me, or was last night’s episode of Warehouse 13 kind of… odd? By that, I don’t mean “intentionally wacky” as much as “just not the same as the show normally is.” Are these growing pains, or something more sinister? Here’re 13 unlucky-for-some thoughts about “Beyond Our Control”:

1. Was The Artifact The Least Important

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