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15 Fantastic Father’s Day Gadgets

Techland’s Doug Aamoth and Chris Gayomali have found the perfect father-friendly tech products. Whether Dad loves to grill, fish or take on projects around the house, any number of these geeky goodies are sure to be a hit.

How to Turn Your iPad into an Extra Computer Screen

Congratulations! You’re the owner of one of those new iPad things. You may have even heard of them here on Techland.

Now if you happen to work in an ultra productive, never-not-working office like we do at TIME Magazine, it’d probably be in your career’s best interest to get a leg up on your coworkers wherever you can.

“But how?” …

8 Ways the Japan Crisis Impacts Consumer Tech

Typically, “supply chain” is a phrase that only business executives get excited about. Yet in the aftermath of the Japanese earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear crisis, the world is starting to discover just how important those chains of supplies are. Sever or stress a single link, and the chain comes apart — affecting not only what’s …

Happy St. Patrick’s Day: Nine Essential iPhone Apps For Beer Lovers

According to lore, St. Patrick brought Catholicism to the Irish by using a three-leafed shamrock to help illustrate the meaning behind the church’s Divine Trinity.

Fast forward 1500+ years later, and we celebrate St. Patrick’s most festive of holidays using a slightly different three-pronged methodology: lots of green, maybe a parade …

Consumer Electronics Show: 11 Tech Trends for 2011

The 2011 Consumer Electronics Show has officially drawn to a close. The biggest tech show around, CES covers over 3 million square feet of floor space and draws over 100,000 industry insiders to Las Vegas in early January every year to set the tone for what we can expect to see from the world of technology in the not-too-distant future. …

10 Mac Store Apps To Get You Started

The Mac App Store has finally opened, and that means we can stop worrying about making that trip to the Mac store just for a program just to find out it’s been backordered. There’s no waiting in line, just waiting for your internet connection to finish the download and your computer to install the product. Now that you don’t have to …

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