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What We’re Looking Forward to in 2011: Entertainment

You can stop whining about how there’s nothing good in theaters these days. 2011 has treats for the movie and TV nerd, and if you’re like us and love sci-fi, horror and anything overly complicated and technical, well then we’ll save a seat in the theater for you. From prequels years in the making like the Untitled Alien Prequel to …

Top 25 Tech Fails of the Year

From Apple’s “Antennagate” to dubious 4G marketing schemes, we had plenty of things to shake our heads at this year. Some, like Tumblr’s marathon outage, became mild annoyances, while others could change our environment forever.

More often than not, it’s a company’s inability to admit mistakes that leaves scuffmarks all …

Most Memorable Hacking Moments

In light of “Operation: Payback” and the group’s decision to start hacking the sites of those who have stopped Wikileaks payments (like MasterCard, PayPal and more), Techland has decided to reflect on other significant moments of recent hacking history.

Whether it was finding that your Twitter didn’t link to that thing you thought or …

What We’re Looking Forward To In December

‘Tis the season for everything.

Here in Techland we love the cold weather, an excuse for overpriced seasonal drinks and the love/hate we feel for all things “holiday.” Celebrate the end of 2010 along with us in overbearing cheer, or silent hatred – your choice.

Here are our top reasons for the season:


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