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Tuesday, Mar. 9, 2010

Today in Techland: Where in the world is Techland? Peter and Evan are still at the Game Developers Conference in San Fran, Steve is in D.C. and Lev is too far down the hall for me to see. Still, Douglas had an awesome chat with the hilarious Patton Oswalt while I got to chat up TV exec Ken Biller.

Here’s what

Zombie of the Week: “Wait Wait … Don’t Eat Me!”

I think we can all agree: As far as the world of fan fiction goes, you spend more time slushing through the typos and wordy-porns to really consider it worth your time. But sometimes, you come across a gem that gives you just a little more patience to press on.

This week’s Zombie of the Week hails from one such gem, a hilarious …

In Case You’re Wondering

Posts will be a little light this week since half the team is traveling. I’m at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco with Evan. We’ll have daily reports and such going forward. And Steve is off to DC for some Hubble 3D shenanigans. That is all.

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