Android tablets

Samsung to Round Out ‘Galaxy’ Series with 9-inch Tablet?

If you look at Samsung’s line of “Galaxy” devices, you’ll notice that the company has just about every screen size covered. There are several 4-inch phones, a 4-inch iPod Touch-like media player, 4.3- and 4.5-inch 4G handsets, a 5-inch Wi-Fi tablet, the 7-inch Galaxy Tab Android tablet and the upcoming 10-inch Galaxy Tab 10.1 …

Motorola Tablet Pokes Fun at Apple Users, Gets Priced at $800

First things first! Did you see the Motorola Xoom ad during the Super Bowl last night? If not, here it is.

You’ll notice that Motorola’s taking a shot at Apple users, which seems like kind of an odd choice considering someone who might be interested in the iPad fits roughly the same demographic as a potential Xoom …

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