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Apple Opens New App Store for Businesses

One of the other Apple announcements of recent days is the opening of a new kind of App Store for corporate customers, allowing them access to a simple system for buying apps in bulk and distributing them among employees and devices.

The Volume Purchase store was announced a couple of weeks ago, but finally went live yesterday …

An ‘Onlion’ Release for Apple’s Next OS

If the letters “day” appear in the name of the day, there must be a fresh Apple rumor to report – and goodness me, so there is.

Today’s Apple speculation is that iSteve and the gang will release the next version of OS X as a download via their App Store.

That “Duh” sound you can hear is the world going “Duh”.

Of course OS X 10.7 …

Now the Army Wants an App Store

No doubt Steve Jobs expected a lot of things when he launched the first iPod back in 2001, but the Army setting up its own App Store was probably not one of them.

Yes, the Army. An App Store. Because soldiers need apps too.

It’s called Army Marketplace, and the idea is that it serves two purposes: distributing software around a …

Did Apple Just Fiddle With ‘Top App’ Ranking?

Consider this speculative, but it sounds like Apple may have twiddled a key App Store ranking algorithm to favor “usage” over “total downloads.” If true, the move could be upending for developers uses to banking raw download figures over the actual time spent using or playing with an app.

Word is several iOS developers saw …

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