Twitter App Showdown: Echofon Pro vs Tweetie 2

Twitter is a necessary evil. And so is the iPhone. (But that has nothing to do with this review at all.)

It’s an unholy amalgamation. But so much information is readily available on Twitter that it’s become an undeniable necessity amongst Internet junkies. Like everything else in Apple’s App Store there’s an absurd amount of …

FoxPop: DVD Bonus Features, Via Laptop and iPhone

The recession has been kind to movie theaters but rough on DVD retailers. As sales have slowed – with the exception of Blu-rays, which continue to be embraced and adopted at a rapid pace – studios have looked to increasingly creative ways of enhancing the home entertainment experience. That typically means more special features, more …

Apple Taps Rhap’s App*

(*Sorry for that NY Post-style hed; I’ve been in NY all week.)

Apple just approved that Rhapsody app that everyone’s been so excited about. Now anyone with an iPhone or WiFI-connected iPod Touch can get virtually any music they want, streamed to them, wherever they are, whenever they want.

It’s the first time Apple has approved a …

X-Rated iPhone Apps?

One interesting thing Apple showed off at the Developers’ Conference today was parental controls. With the 3.0 version of iPhone’s OS, which will be disseminated next week, you’ll be able to set your iPhone so that your kid can’t download age-inappropriate content to it.

While I have always found the concept of parental controls …

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