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GeoDefense: TNG

I know Lev is a Wurdle man, and I respect that about him. I do.  But it must be asked: Has there ever been a better game than GeoDefense Swarm? No, there has not. As someone observed somewhere, “it is the thinking man’s tower defense game.”

Apple Taps Rhap’s App*

(*Sorry for that NY Post-style hed; I’ve been in NY all week.)

Apple just approved that Rhapsody app that everyone’s been so excited about. Now anyone with an iPhone or WiFI-connected iPod Touch can get virtually any music they want, streamed to them, wherever they are, whenever they want.

It’s the first time Apple has approved a …

The Prisoner

AMC is streaming all the old episodes of The Prisoner. (First episode here.) It’s an excellent day for paranoids. They’re doing this to promote their remake of same, which debuts in November.

Fun With Dopamine! Part 2

If this Slate piece is true, it’s the best explanation yet for why old media is dying—and it’s not that you dead beats don’t want to pay for it.

It turns out that our brains are wired in such a way that it’s better to look for stuff than to actually find it. Dopamine, again!

Newspapers and magazines used to provide a …


I’ve flown back and forth to NY, like, three times during the past month. To make the time pass more quickly, I started downloading Battlestar Galactica episodes to my iPhone on the recommendation of friends who claim the series rivals The Wire in its awesomeness. It does.

I don’t know why Lev resists it so much.

The Twitter Papers

Here’s a fine kettle of fish:

Earlier this week, a hacker broke into Twitter and stole a trove of business-related documents detailing the workings of the popular startup. The hacker, supposedly, plans to publish the documents at some point—but before he does, he gives them to Techcrunch, the king of tech blogs.

Mike Arrington, …

What’s the future of startups? Just one word: Dopamine

Marc Andreessen, the father of the modern Web! Today he announced that he’s launching a $300 million venture capital fund with his old biz partner from back in the glory days of Netscape, Ben Horowitz.

This is interesting on a number of fronts that have nothing whatsoever to do with Nerd World (raised $300mm in worst fundraising …

Google is The Matrix

It’s true! Google needs us to provide energy to the system, which it gets whenever we use the Web. And, to get us to use the Web even more, it keeps giving us cooler and cooler, free stuff. Search, email, then Docs. And now?

Google Voice, which I’ve been playing with today. It’s almost as useful as Search. And soon, just like …

X-Rated iPhone Apps?

One interesting thing Apple showed off at the Developers’ Conference today was parental controls. With the 3.0 version of iPhone’s OS, which will be disseminated next week, you’ll be able to set your iPhone so that your kid can’t download age-inappropriate content to it.

While I have always found the concept of parental controls …

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