The Twitter Papers

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Here’s a fine kettle of fish:

Earlier this week, a hacker broke into Twitter and stole a trove of business-related documents detailing the workings of the popular startup. The hacker, supposedly, plans to publish the documents at some point—but before he does, he gives them to Techcrunch, the king of tech blogs.

Mike Arrington, Techcrunch’s boss, said yesterday he plans to post the docs himself. A hue and cry ensues among TC’s loyal readers—mostly against publishing the purloined docs. Arrington is unmoved, and began posting stuff this morning.

This is pretty cut and dry. I think Mike, who I know and like quite a bit, is terribly in the wrong on this one. There’s no public right to know here, which is the usual thresh hold in publish-don’t publish questions. In fact, I wonder if Twitter could take action against Techcrunch asserting theft of trade secrets. What do you think?