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The canonical list of fake Facebook names

About 18 months ago, a few of my buds and I were ovulating a scheme for something we were calling the Social News Network.

The idea was pretty simple: How could we use Facebook to create a news network? I figured we’d start with a website, baited with news items that were irresistible to Facebookers, who’d then link to them and …

I Land in the Stream

Cool iPhone app of the day: Simplify Music 2.0. Download it to your iPhone ($2.99—worth it!) and then go to Simplify Media‘s website, register and download the software for Mac, PC or Linux. Now you can stream all your tunes to your iPhone, wherever you are. Doesn’t matter if you’re on Wifi, 3G or pokey old Edge: it works.

I just …

The end of an era

An amazing thing happened today: The battery on my Kindle 2 finally ran out of juice.


Amazing because, with the wireless connection off, it lasted nearly two months. I used it about a half hour a day. Glad I hedged in my story and said the battery would last “more than two weeks.”

Will the iPhone Remain The Fairest of Them All?

Palm’s Pre is still months away from launch, but already it’s making the world a better place. Proof? Apple today announced that a raft of improvements is coming to the iPhone–including, at long last cut and paste.

That critical feature, along with a bunch of others, will help the world’s hottest smartphone (17 million sold to date) …

Thank you for wishing me a happy birthday

From the Department of Facebook Etiquette: It’s my birthday today. (Thanks! No, seriously, thanks! When’s yours? No way! That’s the same day as my aunt, dude…)

Like just about ever other idiot who immigrated to Facebook some time ago, during registration, I dutifully filled in my birth date. That, plus the fact that I am a …

Better Read Than Dead

There’s been a ton of (predictable) reaction to Walter Isaacson’s cover story this week, in which he argues that micropayments could save the newspaper business.

Bloggers and old media guys alike have derided the idea. People don’t want to pay for Web content online, they argue. They don’t want to be nickeled and dimed. Even …

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