Are Web-Only ‘Chromebooks’ the Ideal Computers for Education?

The first computer I ever used in a classroom was the Apple II. My first grade teacher, Mrs. Hogan, would line us all up against a wall before walking the class over to the computer lab, a rusty bungalow tucked away in a dark corner of the school.

It was in that lab—which my elementary school shuttled us back-and-forth to for five …

Tiny $25 Computer for Kids Who Want to Learn Real Computing

Ask any British coder of a certain age what it was that got them into the technology business in the first place, and the chances are high that they’ll say it was a childhood encounter with a Sinclair Spectrum, a BBC Micro, or an Acorn computer.

Back in the 1980s, these three UK-designed computers were a massive success story. They …

Should We Teach Web Etiquette In School?

Is there an established Web etiquette? The view of our online environment is unquestionably more Wild West than posh party of refined gentlefolk, but in the few decades of the existence of the Internet, we’ve managed to become a culture of snarling, bitter opinions digitally catapulted at message boards from the safety of our desks. …

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