Hong Kong Pays Double for the iPad 2 (And It’s Still Sold Out)

If you’re tempted to complain about the latest iPad’s price tag, consider this: in Hong Kong, iPad 2s are easily selling for twice the price, and in some cases up to $1,500. (And that’s not in Hong Kong dollars, either.)

Even though the iPad 2 has yet to make it way to Hong Kong, the device is already sold out. It’s been …

Survey Shows iPad 2 Sold to 70 Percent New Buyers

Investment firm Piper Jaffray sent a team of analysts out into the streets, and not so shockingly, they found that the iPad 2 had virtually sold out in retail stores. But surprise, surprise, they discovered that a vast majority – over half, in fact – of new buyers never owned the original iPad.

To get the numbers straight, 70 …

Toy Fair: Top 10 Tech Toys For 2011

Once an expensive minority, toy makers are adopting newer technologies every year – it seems like almost everything needs a battery or power source now. This year’s Toy Fair was no different. Combing the aisles, I found the ten toys with new or interesting technology that’ll make your kid say “gimme.”

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Geeks, the Video Edition

You’ve seen the list, now don’t miss the video.

Some say the tech sector has no business trying to cultivate a lovey-dovey crowd; that heart-shaped USB drives and the like are little more than silly pandering to a savvy demographic of gadget lovers that see right through all the marketing hype. To them I say, maybe you’re right. But …

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