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Introducing…The Grandma Phone

It’s hard to imagine a cell phone these days that isn’t equipped with a camera, a web browser and assorted other bells and whistles. But Just5, a “simple features phone,” takes a counter-intuitive approach. It just lets you make calls. That’s it. Nothing else. Nada. Zippo. Think of it as the anti-iPhone.

Or, actually, think of it as …

Apple Postpones Japanese Launch of iPad 2

As Japan struggles to cope with the ongoing tragedies engendered by earthquakes, tsunamis and faltering nuclear power plants, Apple has announced that it will postpone the launch of the iPad 2 in the tech-savvy country.

The tablet, which launched on Friday in the U.S., was scheduled to debut in Japan on March 25. But Apple spokeswoman …

Tests Show Verizon iPhone Isn’t Up to Speed

When it comes to download speeds, a series of independent tests claim that the Verizon iPhone can’t compare to its AT&T counterpart.

Wired reports that on average, AT&Ts 3G network is twice as fast as Verizon’s. Still, while AT&T had the advantage in terms of download speed, Wired’s Brian Chen says that there were times when it …

Japan: Baby Robots Treat Depressed Seniors

Yes, you read the headline right–baby robots are being used to treat depressed seniors with Alzheimer’s in Japan. As strange as it might sound, some studies have shown that caring for dolls is therapeutic to depressed Alzheimer’s patients.

The babyloid, which is still a prototype, looks a bit like the strange lovechild of a robot and …

Steve Jobs’ Honorary Knighthood Blocked

Although Steve Jobs may not become Sir Steve any time soon, he’s still our tech-y knight in shining armor.

The Telegraph reports that plans to knight Steve Jobs for his contributions to business and technology in 2009 were scrapped by then-Prime Minister Gordon Brown, who held a grudge ever since Jobs declined an invitation to speak …

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