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‘American Idol’ Introduces Facebook Voting

Picking up your landline phone and dialing in to vote for Clay Aiken on American Idol is so 2003, and texting ‘VOTE’ over and over for the sake of David Archuleta is so 2008. The latest way to vote for your favorite Idol? Via Facebook.

Entertainment Weekly reports that ‘American Idol’ has finally decided to take advantage of social …

New Macbook Pro Line Rumored for Thursday

If you were Steve Jobs, what better way to celebrate your 56th birthday than with a launch of a new line of MacBook Pros?

After news of a meeting in which retail employees signed a non-disclosure agreement, the Internet is abuzz with rumors of an upcoming product launch. Sources at BGR speculate that the new line of laptops will be …

5 Google Demo Slams Worth Watching

These days, it seems like everybody wants to be famous, or at least relatively Internet-famous. Google was probably banking on that idea, at least a little bit, when it announced its “Demo Slam” competition last October. The publicity stunt of a competition, for which it appears the only reward will be lots of Internet fame, asked users …

Everloop: The Facebook for Tweens?

Plenty of parents worry about their kids’ online activities and their presence on social networks. Last week, the first lady even weighed in on the topic, saying that her daughters, ages 9 and 12, shouldn’t be on Facebook. But what’s a parent to do with their Internet-savvy tween who wants to stay connected with friends?

A new startup …

Too Soon? Immigrant-Smuggling iOS Game Pending Approval

Mobile apps usually aim to entertain, inform or help us be productive. All in all, they usually don’t incite the Internet into political debate. But people have a lot to say about the pending iOS release of Owlchemy Labs’ instantly infamous game, Smuggle Truck: Operation Immigration.

Owlchemy Labs would have to be beyond clueless to …

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