‘American Idol’ Introduces Facebook Voting

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Picking up your landline phone and dialing in to vote for Clay Aiken on American Idol is so 2003, and texting ‘VOTE’ over and over for the sake of David Archuleta is so 2008. The latest way to vote for your favorite Idol? Via Facebook.

Entertainment Weekly¬†reports that ‘American Idol’ has finally decided to take advantage of social media by introducing Facebook voting. Sources tell EW that it will work like this: starting (most likely) during the March 1 show, users can visit a special Facebook page dedicated to voting to cast their ballot a maximum of 50 times during the voting period.

Given that voting for your favorite idol will now be only a click away, this new method could give ‘Idol’ an even bigger ratings kick. And ex-Idol judge Simon Cowell seems to think Facebook voting is a good plan, too–it was leaked that he’ll be using the same method when his new show, ‘X Factor,’ debuts this fall.

But if you’re one of the few who’s not on Facebook, never fear–‘Idol’ fans can still vote old-school style, via toll-free number or text.

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