Introducing…The Grandma Phone

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It’s hard to imagine a cell phone these days that isn’t equipped with a camera, a web browser and assorted other bells and whistles. But Just5, a “simple features phone,” takes a counter-intuitive approach. It just lets you make calls. That’s it. Nothing else. Nada. Zippo. Think of it as the anti-iPhone.

Or, actually, think of it as The Grandma Phone. As Skatter Tech’s review of the Just5 makes clear, this isn’t really a phone for the reluctant Luddite. With features like a large SOS button that, if pressed, will sound an alarm and send “help me” text messages to five emergency contacts, Just5 is targeted squarely at senior citizens.

And in fact the phone looks to be pretty useful for its intended purpose and audience. It’s got jumbo buttons, a screen that announces each number as you press it, and a six-day battery life when for when septuagenarians are in standby mode. Pretty much the only hitch is that the Just5’s suggested retail price is $90–a hefty sum for those on a fixed income. Still, for staying connected with the seniors in your life, the Just5 just might be worth it. So think about getting your own grandmother one.

You did call Grandma today, didn’t you?

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