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Google Earth Updated for Android Tablets

Low on the funds to see the Colosseum in person? That’s ok! Instead, just shell out the money for a tablet that runs Android 2.1 or above, keep the change, and take the trip for free through a new Google Earth update.

Google launched an Android version of Google Earth last year, but now they’ve optimized the application for …

TechFast: Pi Day, Quake Updates, Twitter Scam

Good morning! Here’s the tech stuff that’s breaking this morning, more on the big tech news stories of the day coming up later.

Happy Pi Day!

Yay, today is Pi day! Happy 3.1415926535 to you and all your loved ones!

Link: Pi Day

News travels faster than quakes

Everyone knows news goes fast, but the Japanese disaster shows

Google Earth Now Features Street View, 3D Trees

The latest version of Google’s free mapping software, Google Earth 6, is now available for download.

The program integrates Google Maps’ “Street View” function, allowing you to take a detailed first-person, 360-degree look at any street in the world that’s been panoramically photographed by one of the company’s Street View …

Google Earth Gets Live Weather

Giving you yet another reason that you never need to go outside, Google Earth has added live weather. It’s accessible by activating the “clouds” layer inside the program and shows rain and/or snow wherever it may be happening around North America or Europe. Currently in Boston where I live, it’s… not doing either of those things.

If …

Google Earth Android Demo

Here’s a short video I took of Google’s Google Earth Android app from yesterday’s Nexus One press conference. Check out our hands-on here, specs here and if you missed the live blog then you can find that here.