TechFast: Pi Day, Quake Updates, Twitter Scam

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Good morning! Here’s the tech stuff that’s breaking this morning, more on the big tech news stories of the day coming up later.

Happy Pi Day!

Yay, today is Pi day! Happy 3.1415926535 to you and all your loved ones!

Link: Pi Day

News travels faster than quakes

Everyone knows news goes fast, but the Japanese disaster shows just how fast. The internet sent news across the world at astonishing speed.

Link: Washington Post

Beware, more Twitter scams

As more people use it, so more people try to scam them. Another scam attack is spreading this morning, under the title “Your Online Timer” – don’t grant it access to your account, warns Sophos.

Link: Sophos

Who pays for news?

Half of us who own mobile devices use them to get local news – but only ten per cent pay for it, says a new report.

Link: TG Daily

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