iPhone 4S

Siri Tricks and Tips: Do More with the iPhone 4S Virtual Assistant

In a phone with lots of evolutionary qualities, Siri is the iPhone 4S’s most revolutionary feature. Simply by speaking to this virtual assistant, you can set reminders, send text messages, look up information and schedule meetings.

But with a bit of extra effort, Siri can do even more. Here are some tricks and tips for getting the …

iPhone 4S: The Buy Lines Are Still Long Outside Apple Stores

Last night I went shopping with my wife for treadmills at the mall down the street from our condo. At some point, I convinced her I needed to swing by the GameStop at the other end of the mall to put money down on a copy of Batman: Arkham City. Between us and the GameStop: an Apple Store, wedged between a Pearle Vision and American …

Review of the Apple iPhone 4S Camera

Apple is heavily promoting its new improved camera as a primary feature of the iPhone 4S. With a 60% increase in megapixels, a sharper and faster lens, and a newly engineered illumination sensor, the popular technology company is hoping consumers will now turn to the iPhone for their primary photography (and video) needs, as well as …

Hot Potato: Apple’s iPhone 4S Does Record 4 Million Sales

On your mark, get set, four million iPhones sold in just three days! That, according to Apple, is the number of iPhone 4S units sold worldwide during the new iOS-based handheld’s opening weekend. The iPhone 4S launched on October 14 (last Friday) in seven countries, with plans to add 22 more on October 28 and over 70 total by the end of …

Your Apple Store Might Still Have the iPhone 4S

If you want an iPhone 4S but didn’t want to wait in line, you may be in luck. Some Apple Stores and other retailers still have the iPhone 4S in stock after the iLines have cleared.

My nearest Apple Store in Cincinnati was still selling the iPhone 4S for all carriers, although not all models were available on Sprint. 9to5Mac has also

Technologizer Technologizer

Greetings from iLine 2011

Once again, Apple is releasing a new iPhone. Once again, I’m in line at the crack of dawn at the Stonestown Galleria in San Francisco. This time I’m here with my wife Marie, who’s excited about upgrading from an iPhone 3GS to a 4S. We’ve been here for an hour; there were around 40 folks here when we arrived, along with a few …

iPhone 4S Sold Out Online

Hoping to casually wander down to your local store tomorrow and pick up a new iPhone 4S without any hassle? That’s not likely to happen—nor is it looking like it’ll happen anytime soon, either. According to the websites of AT&T, Verizon Wireless and Sprint Nextel, the new iPhone has sold out for immediate shipment. It’ll be interesting …

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