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Snikt vs. Shoryuken: ‘Marvel vs. Capcom 3’ Review

Marvel vs. Capcom 3
Publisher: Capcom
Developer: Capcom
Systems it’s available on: PS3, Xbox 360
ESRB rating: Teen
System reviewed on: Xbox 360

Marvel Vs. Capcom 3’s biggest achievement doesn’t come in the graphics department, though the visuals are stunning. Nor is it in gameplay, despite the fact that it sports a sharp and …

The Amazing, Spectacular Story Behind The Spider-Man Musical

You’d be forgiven for thinking, at various times over the last year or so, that the Marvel Comics/Sony musical Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark was some kind of strange urban myth instead of a real thing. Directed by The Lion King‘s Julie Taymor, music by U2 and so dangerous that a stuntman broke his wrists during rehearsals? It really does …

Tron Invades The Marvel Universe In December

Holy corporate synergy, Spider-Man: To promote the December 17th release of Disney’s Tron: Legacy in movie theaters, Disney-owned Marvel Comics will be offering special variant covers to its titles throughout December that sees its characters reimagined Tron-style by artists Brandon Peterson and Mark Brooks. Here are the first ten covers …

PSA: Techland’s New York Comic-Con Panel

On the eve of New York Comic-Con, I’m proud to present Techland’s Digital Age of Comics panel. The venerable Douglas Wolk will be moderating a star-studded panel of comic giants.

Marvel Comics publisher Dan Buckley will be joined by Top Cow publisher Filip Sablik, Comixology CEO David Steinberger, Dark Horse Comics’ Aaron …

What Is Marvel’s Movie Act 2?

What comes after Marvel Entertainment’s Avengers movie in 2012? Well, we know that there’re movies lined up for Runaways, Iron Fist and Doctor Strange, as well as a third Iron Man, but what if there’s something larger going on behind the scenes? When I spoke to Clark Gregg, AKA the Marvel movies’ Agent Coulson, the other week, he …

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