Leanpub: How to Turn Your Blog into an Instant E-Book

So. You got a blog. You want to turn it into a e-book, with a minimal amount of fuss and hard work.

You need Leanpub. It’s a new service for writers who want to do minimalist home-grown publishing on their own terms, in a variety of formats that will suit owners of iPads, Kindles, and other e-readers.

It’s also a completely new …

Study: iPad Readers Retain Less Than Newspaper Readers

A new study from French internet company Miratech took a look at the reading patterns of newspaper readers versus iPad readers. Utilizing eye tracking technology and using subjects who already owned iPads, they were able to conclude that, for various reasons, newspaper readers were able to retain more of the information they read than …

Amazon: Kindle Books Finally Eclipse Paperbacks

Internet retail giant released its Q4 2010 earnings yesterday, highlighted by “two big milestones” according to company founder Jeff Bezos.

Amazon reported Q4 as the first quarter that it cleared $10 billion in sales—it almost hit $13 billion, actually, with the final tally settling in at $12.95 billion. The company also …

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