Research in Motion

Jobs Resigns, Apple’s Stock Drops and RIM’s Goes Up?

Gauging the U.S. stock market’s like refereeing a game of psych-out, so caveat reader, but as short-term signals go, it looks like Apple’s misfortunes—say the world’s most illustrious CEO resigning—are not-so-disguised blessings for Research in Motion.

RIM shares surged more than 2% Thursday morning after the Blackberry …

New BlackBerry Curves Are Probably Not for You

If you’re the kind of person that trawls tech blogs for the latest gadget news, Research in Motion’s new BlackBerry Curve smartphones probably won’t do anything for you.

The latest BlackBerry Curves—model numbers 9350, 9360 and 9370—look like unremarkable upgrades to the standard BlackBerry formula. They’ve got 2.44-inch screens …

BlackBerry ‘Torch’ Re-Lit: New Specs and QWERTY-Free Design

Last year’s BlackBerry Torch was supposed to catapult Research in Motion into the age of modern smartphones, but sluggish software and rusty specs left the Torch looking like an another product from a bygone era.

Now, RIM’s trying again with a few new BlackBerry Torch models that use faster processors, bigger screens, better cameras …

Rumor: RIM Realizes It Needs a Next-Gen BlackBerry Phone, Stat

Research in Motion has never confirmed whether it was working on a 10-inch BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, but now the project is reportedly cancelled.

An unnamed source tells BlackBerry enthusiast site N4BB that RIM has ceased production of the 10-inch PlayBook, and for good reason: The company wants to focus on building a new smartphone …

10-inch BlackBerry PlayBook? No Thank You

In a rare case where I hope the rumor proves false, Research in Motion may be planning a 10-inch BlackBerry PlayBook tablet.

According to Boy Genius Report, the 10-inch PlayBook would debut this holiday season. The original PlayBook, a 7-inch tablet, launched last month.

Here’s the problem: The existing 7-inch PlayBook needs a lot …

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