European Businesses Attacked by Son of ‘Stuxnet’ Virus

The idea of European comebacks is one long familiar to most people; we joke about David Hasselhoff being massive in Germany, or the ongoing French love affair with Jerry Lewis, long after America has finished with both men. Well, now there’s a new name we can add to that list: The Stuxnet virus.

In case you don’t remember Stuxnet, it …

Heads Up! Fake iPhone 5 Email Can Infect Your Computer

The new iPhone has not been announced. It is not available for pre-order. It does not have a ridiculous see-through screen. It is not called the "iPhone 5G S" and it’s (probably) not going to be available this Friday. So if you get an email with the subject line "iPhone 5G S has been released" that contains what appears to be marketing

Dating Site Dumps 30,000 People for Being Ugly, Gets Hit by Virus

It’s difficult being one of the beautiful people; not only do you have to deal with those less attractive than you in real life, apparently people get upset when you ban them from your beauty-exclusive dating sites for not being attractive enough, too. Life can be so unfair.

The problem for started when the dating …

PSA: No Matter What Your E-mail Says, There Is No iPhone 5

If you get an e-mail with this title…

Finally. The amazing iPhone 5. Now available in black edition.

…don’t bother opening it. In fact, don’t open it even if you’re curious.

An e-mail purporting to be from Apple and showcasing the non-existent iPhone 5 has started making the rounds, and it does little more than try to trick …

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