Rowling: Hallows, Goodbye

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The press release from Scholastic apparated (unsplinched) in my inbox this morning at 7:00 precisely: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows will be published on July 21 of this year. There’s a good summary of what’s known about the book, and the outstanding plotlines left to be resolved, in Wikipedia.

I figured as much. She’s always published in June or July (except for Azkaban, which was September), and she’s never let 3 years go by between books (except the 3 years between Goblet and Phoenix.) And the title was out there. So.

The 21st is a Saturday, of course. In years past the Potter books have involved a weird ritual for me. Because Time published on a Monday, it went to press Sunday morning. So in order to get a review in the Monday issue, I would have to get the book Friday night (Scholastic would generously pass it to me a few hours before midnight), then stay up all night reading and write the review in a sleepless daze Saturday afternoon. Then crash. I’ve met a lot of book reviewers who go through the same ritual.

Since January, of course, Time publishes on Fridays. So Hallows can wait till the following week’s close, a Wednesday. Though dammit, I’ll probably stay up all night anyway.

Well, whatever happens we know Daniel Radcliffe is in good shape.