Image Dump: Of Interest to Nerds With Eyes

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This post will strain my primitive HTML skills to the very breaking point.

1. This is the new universal symbol of radiation, generated by the best creative minds at the International Atomic Energy Agency and the International Organization for Standardization. So it’s very, very international. Note the strangely happy, toothless skull — he loves his work!

And note that that trefoil sun shines on all parties equally. Radiation will scathe the living and the dead!

2. Via Paleo-Future, a blog of unending interest, pictures of a dead resort-of-the-future in Taiwan that embody the lost promise of future earth once it has been ravaged by happy toothless skulls. Drill through to the Flickr archive for more pix, some of which feature a scantily-clad model. The effect is not erotic; rather, it heightens the pathos.

3. Some guy bought a property in Portugal. The property had a locked barn on it. He smacked off the padlock and opened the barn and found these. His is a happiness that you will never know. (Via MetaFilter.)

4. Kotaku has screenshots from the new Lord of the Rings MMO, which is being done by Turbine, the developer of Asheron’s Call “fame.” Amazingly, they look exactly like screenshots.