The Simpsons Movie: The Trailering

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There’s a third trailer out for The Simpsons Movie, which shows every sign of being the longest, widest Simpsons episode ever. This is the first trailer that gives a sense of the tone and scope of the movie, which is basically no different from the TV version, though I assume somebody somewhere will swear to prove it really is a movie, a la Data’s immortal curse in Star Trek Generations. Contrary to the earlier trailers, the animation is very pretty — more three-dimensional and modeled, more colored lighting, more detailed (to the point where the bland, untextured Simpsons faces start to look a little odd and flat). The snow scenes reminded me a bit of Tintin in Tibet (click here for a look at every car in every Tintin comic ever. Hey, we never had Tintin Chez les Soviets when I was little!)

And I don’t know why nobody told me that the dude who made Shaun of the Dead has another movie, the less amusingly titled Hot Fuzz. It appears to be a “spoof” of police thrillers. Whatever, just take my money now.