Harry Potter News: Emma’s Dilemma

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Will she, won’t she, is she, isn’t she. I’m hearing a lot of guff about Emma Watson waffling over whether she’s going to be in the last two Harry Potter movies, but I’m still waiting for the news story that will clear up what exactly her damage is. I mean, is she (understandably) freaked out about being stalked? Is this one of those hardball salary moves actors sometimes pull (supposedly they upped their offer to 2 mil)? Or is she just too cool for magic school, as per her co-star Rupert “Weasley Is Our King” Grint: “Emma doesn’t want to do it anymore. She’s tired of being known as ‘that girl from Harry Potter.'”

I do hope it’s not number three. When the Potter movies were first being cast, I loved Watson — she was so photogenic, and had so much more natural presence than the other two leads. But over time my celeb-crush on her has waned. She seems too much the alpha-Heather to play nerdy Hermione. Am I alone in this? Maybe it’s just that ubiquitous snapshot of her drinking a beer.