Mac OS X: Leopard Is My King-Size Bed

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I have Leopard. Have had for a few days now. But I also have a colossal deadline hanging over me, in the form of Time‘s Best Inventions issue. So I’ll plan on running another in my “The Last Review” series next week. Meantime I’ll perform the most important service a blogger can serve: linking to the roundups of the reviews. Apple 2.0 has the best, though it’s worth peeking at Valleywag’s.

The bulk of the attention seems to be aimed at Apple’s remarkable, whimsically hypnotic backup system Time Machine. Never have I so powerfully wanted to get stoned and recover earlier versions of my documents.

And one more thing. Per the New York Times, Apple is remaking a fan-made ad for the iPod Touch into an actual grown-up TV ad. The fan version is below, and yes, it really does look like an Apple ad. You can see why they went for it — it’s just a little naughty, but not too too naughty. Plus it’s hella catchy. It may not be possible to watch this just once. You were warned.