Exploding Runes: A Roundup of Gygax Tributes

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Some posts — and other things — in response to Gygax’s death, from around the Net:

— an eclectic but entertaining selection of Gygax trivia at Gawker-spawn SF blog io9. Plus bonus scan from Barrier Peaks

— fantasy author Patrick Rothfuss points out that some things are more important than Brett Favre retiring

— from Penny Arcade, the definitive memorial image. Also check out Tycho’s ever-eloquent news post about it.

— from Order of the Stick, a celestial vision of Gary Gygax on his way to heaven

— Time’s Jim Poniewozik about Gygax’s cultural legacy, citing in particular the kick-ass final episode of Freaks and Geeks

— Wil Wheaton weighs in with some vivid early gaming memories.

I remember the first glimpse I had of D&D, which was when an older kid was showing me some of his stuff — rule books and character sheets and such. This was before I knew what a Bohemian Ear-Spoon was and thought all games were either card games or board games.

He whipped out a map of a dungeon that he’d sketched out on graph paper. I said, is that the board? He met my gaze and said gravely: one of them. My mind sort of exploded at that point.