Don’t Read This, Read That

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I am once again on leave from Time for a few weeks to finish up a book I’m working on. (Do not ever sell a book. A bunch of maniacs will come after you, tear a Word file off your hard drive, and print out like thousands of copies. They claim they can do this because I “deposited” their “check.” Whatever.)

So I will be fobbing off a lot of cheap-ass postings, like this one, a link to a truly excellent analysis of the eternal question, is the Black Sabbath song “Iron Man” actually about the superhero Iron Man.

Um, now watch this Hellboy 2 trailer. OK, bye!

(But one more thing: what is with this trend of directors giving lifeless little intros to their movies? I have nothing against movie directors, but they cannot act or, apparently, even talk in an animated human-like way. And they are not good-looking. Not, you know, like bloggers.)