The “Knowing” Trailer; also, What Ever Happened to Donnie Darko?

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This trailer is coming in for some mocking around the Internet. You know how those Internet people like to mock. To be completely honest, I found it kind of chilling. Maybe because it’s set in my home town of Lexington, Mass., a place where nothing interesting has happened since 1775, when we invented liberty.

I had a moment of weird time-travel deja vu when I watched this, before I realized that I had actually heard the same pitch before. Richard Kelly, the auteur of Donnie Darko, was supposed to direct this script years ago. I’m one of “those people” who was fascinated by Donnie Darko, and I still find myself thinking about it at odd moments. I wonder why Kelly hasn’t done much since — his follow-up, Southland Tales, looked terrifyingly campy and lame, and the buzz on his next film, The Box, isn’t much better.