The Greatest Video Game Ad of the Year

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I’m starting to feel like the video game ad is an underrated medium. Yeah, most of them are forgettable. What do you want, they’re ads. But sometimes you see one that just rips off your head and thrusts its awesomeness down your neck. I’m thinking of the “Mad World” spot for Gears of War, for example.

But check out this one. I don’t have any special interest in playing Mercenaries 2. I played the original Mercs, thought it was OK, never came back to it. But I caught this ad while I was watching clips on, and dang. It’s the white-boy rap-singing video-game jingle of the summer:

Glad to see the guy from Sugar Ray is still getting work. (That was a joke. I have no idea who the song’s by.) If you feel the way I do, you’ll want to see the high-res version on the Mercs 2 site.