Dead Space is Dead; Long Live Fallout 3

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Man, there’s a lot of good games coming out. I ditched Dead Space to play LittleBigPlanet, then went crawling back, and now I’m ditching it again for Fallout 3. (I hate leaving a game like Dead Space unfinished, when I’ve actually become invested in the narrative, but duty calls. Plus I was really low on ammo and kinda needed an excuse to bail before I got necromorphed.)

Though Fallout 3 isn’t really my kind of game. Lately I just haven’t been able to deal with role-playing games — all that choosing and configuring and stuff tends to interfere with my immediate gratification. I mean, before you can start killing things they make you take a test! It’s multiple choice, but still.

Anyway, this post is really an excuse to do two things:

1. Link to the Fallout entry at the TV Tropes wiki. I only heard about TV Tropes a week ago, thanks to a better-informed friend of mine. It’s incredible. It’s like the skeleton key to all of popular culture. Don’t click unless you have an afternoon to throw away.

2. Post the trailer for BioShock 2, which I know came out last week, but it’s cool, and who knows, maybe you’ve been trapped in an underwater city or something and haven’t seen it. What’s the deal with games (like Fallout and BioShock) with dystopic settings and early-20th-century jazz soundtracks? It’s kind of a thing right now.


So — the little sisters grow up, and a splinter faction of them want to restore the glory that was Rapture? I guess? Things never are as dead as they seem …