Top Ten Hubble Photos

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It’s the end of the year, so here at Nerd World we’re putting our own scientific spin on Time’s many Top Ten lists.  We’ve collected the Top Ten most amazing photos taken by the Hubble Space Telescope over the last 16 years.   Enjoy!


1)  This one here is the Death Star exploding, after George Lucas computerified the Star Wars movies.


2)  This seems to be two space jellyfish head-butting to celebrate a recent team victory in a match of space jellyfish rugby.


3)  This is Sol, the Sun that warms our beloved Earth, exploding.


4)  This is the space whale from Star Trek 4 looking for more space whales.  Don’t kill all the whales, people!


5)  Here, God has lost one of his giant red cosmic mittens.  Get some mitten-clips, God!


6)  It’s Blue versus Orange, and there’s no love lost between these ancient rivals!  My money’s on Orange.


7)  I think this is an overhead shot of the Red Eye of Sauron, who, at the end of The Return of the King, has been banished into space. More evidence to prove my theory: “Sauron Has Been Banished into Space.”


8 )  This is the Milky Way galaxy and another galaxy either fighting or humping.


9)  Orange versus Blue, Round 2!  GO ORANGE!!!


10)  A cosmic infinity symbol, proof positive that the Universe expands forever across the cosmos, never-ending, unknowable.  Or, it’s the bikini top falling off a sexy lady.