Matt Selman

Matt Selman is a writer/producer who has worked on thirteen seasons of The Simpsons. He currently serves as an Executive Producer. Selman grew up in Watertown, Massachusetts, and graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 1993. He wrote on Seinfeld before starting at The Simpsons in 1997. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife and two daughters.

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Non-Celebrities Write Kids’ Books Too!

In lieu of my regular non-existent contribution to Techland, classic Simpsons writer and lovable polymath Mike Reiss has something he’d like to get off his chest:

One of the frustrations of writing children’s books – besides the fact that no one buys them any more – is that you’re competing with celebrity authors. …

Taggers Now Market Movies

Driving down Los Angeles’s lovely Pico Blvd., I saw that The Last Airbender billboard had been defaced thusly:

It immediately brought to mind the a billboard I’d seen for Iron Man 2, which had been similarly altered:

To my thinking, each billboard looks much, much, cooler with the spray paint addition. The giant posters …

Old Star Trek + Ke$ha = ???

On the evolutionary ladder of human creativity, the internet mash-up rests on a fairly low rung. All the “creator” of the mash-up does is combine two things that someone else came up with. It’s hard to respect the creativity of someone whose only skill is to edit together stuff which already exists.

Pop Culture Thing 1 + Pop Culture …

Hands-on with the Kinect

The big story on Day One of E3 2010 was the Xbox 360’s motion capture gaming device, the Kinect. Eager crowds jammed their faces up to a row of Plexiglas chambers, as demo guys showed off new titles for this ground-breaking entertainment experience.

One of the most impressive titles was Kinectimals. A demo guy stood in front of …

The Daily Dose – 1918 Edition

The Techland Interview – L. Frank Baum, Part 2

We continue our chat with fan favorite, as he gives us a peek at the latest Oz sequel, The Tin Woodman of Oz. Baum takes on his controversial decision to bring back the ditzy Polychrome, the Rainbow’s Daughter, and finally dishes the dirt about the dark past of everyone’s …


Years back, if you were a member of the Los Angeles comedy-nerd-art-dork-hip-oisie, you would be lucky to receive an invitation to SUPERBALL. SuperBall was the brainchild of Mystery Science Theater 3000‘s Joel Hodgson and his brother Jim, and it was always the party of the summer, if not the autumn as well. Located deep in the deepest …

19 Rejected Names For The Apple iPad

iPod OB

The Starbucks Attention-Getter

iTouch Maximum

iMac Minimum

Apple Newton v2.0


The Procrastinatrix

Whammo Novelty Throwing Square

Zune Blaster 3000

Matthew McConaughey’s Virtual Bongos

Crotch TV

One More Thing For Your Kids To Endlessly Bug You About Then Break

$800 Coke …

GTA IV: Inherent Vice City

Writing about the Grand Theft Auto video games for the Time 100 issue, I unpersuasively argued the following semi-flippant point: the Houser brothers who write and create these games are the spiritual successors to Balzac and Twain and Wolfe. They are societal super-reporters, stuffing the gaming experience with detailed observations …

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